Bavaro Beach

Bathing with its waves the hotels of the Meliá, Ifa Villas Bávaro and Barceló, Playa Bávaro is one of the most popular and picturesque beaches in the whole area.

In addition to its strategic location, this beach has numerous restaurants around it that keep it constantly active. Among these places we can mention: the typical chinchorritos of Bibijagua, Poseidón, Jelly Fish, the Red Lobster (local version), Marina Caribe and others.

It is the ideal beach for boat trips and catamaran. From private boats with crystalline glass floor to observe the underwater world all the way, to glamorous giant boats such as those of Marina Caribe, which walk you along the coast of Bávaro to the Natural Reefs and the Natural Pool of Punta de los Nidos .

How to get there?

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