You are coming to Punta Cana very soon but you still have not figured out the best way to get to your hotel…?

We know how difficult it can be for anyone to find useful, reliable and updated information about the different ways of transportation in Punta Cana… that’s exactly why we came up with this post for you!


To all travelers who have managed their services through a Tour Operator, logic would tell to coordinate the transportation as well! And this, is definitely a very good option! If you already have a really elaborated agenda, just pass on your transfer information in advance to your travel agent and you will always have a driver waiting, ready to accompany you to your next destination. What do you have to take in consideration? The time in which you can make changes to your services without penalties! This way you would be covered in case of last minute changes.

transfers with travel agencies in punta cana


If your sense of orientation is not the best and you are one of those who arrive with the itinerary of the wind… taxies will be your best option! The only thing we recommend is that you always choose taxi drivers from SIUTRATURAL, those who are wearing a pink shirt, and that are a guarantee of comfort and safety. Find here reference rates on transfers in Punta Cana and their contact information in here!

ways of transportation in punta cana


Are you the kind of traveler who prefers to keep his hands behind the wheel and fend for yourself? Do you prefer not to depend on group schedules and itineraries that tie you to places where the fun is over? Then rent the vehicle of your choice, accompanied by a good internet plan with which you can constantly access your GPS (which will usually take you to the right place …) Just do not be surprised by the new acrobatics founds on the Dominican streets, keep your hands at the wheel and do not be ashamed to ask any local for directions if you do not have internet at some point! Find in here a list of some reliable rental car companies in Punta Cana!

where to rent a car in punta cana


If your trip is an adventure without ties in which you want to interact with the local community and save a couple of pesos: get on the bus with us! If you can find an official map with public transport stops in Punta Cana: CONGRATULATIONS! (please let me know and hand it over…) If not, ask the nearest local where to board the guagua or public buses. These stations will not always have a sign, because they are rather like empirical and often inopportune stops that all pedestrians should memorize. We recommend you to be well informed about the rates to apply! Depending on the route to be traveled, a route does not usually cost more than $ 1 per person. Going for example, from Los Corales to Plaza San Juan can cost you RD$35 per person per way… But beware! The payment of this fee will not always guarantee a seat…

Find in here more information about public transportation in Punta Cana!

local transportaion in punta cana

MOTO-CONCHO RIDE IN PUNTA CANA: an adventure for the most risky

The moto-concho is for the Dominican what the rickshaw is for India and the gondola for Venice… We only recommend that you take these moto rides (much cheaper than a taxi and a little more expensive than a public bus) for very short distances and not through the highway! If you manage to find a CHAPI motorcycle, don’t hesitate to take a selfie! Your experience will not get more authentic than that!

public transportation in punta cana

UBER IN PUNTA CANA: the millennials preferred way of transportation

We are very sad to disappoint you if you had already planned to take an UBER for your arrival & departure transfers… since in Punta Cana, as in other super iconic destinations, it has not been possible yet for this millennial company to open its doors … When they do, we will definitely let you know about it!

is there uber in punta cana?

This basically summarizes the main ways of transportation options in Punta Cana. You can also walk a bit or take a bike ride, but we recommend you to do it only in very specific areas such as Los Corales, El Village, El Cortecito, and Bávaro… Otherwise , the distances could be super long!

Before traveling: research, inform yourself and plan. We are here to guide you!