From stuffed empanadas, fried quipes, pork mofongo, mangú breakfast with salami or fried eggs, club chicken sandwiches, Dominican sancocho, fried with carnitas, K shakes, natural juices and coconut flan … Any typical Dominican dish that you fancy try … Delicias has it all!

If you have arrived in Punta Cana wanting to eat something LOCAL, Delicias de Bávaro is the ideal place. Open 24 hours and located in the area of ​​Friusa (next to the Palladium hotel), this restaurant with Dominican and international food (also dominicanized) is one of the busiest points in the area, both locals and foreigners.

If you are Dominican, so that you understand the concept well and why visiting it is a fundamental requirement of every visitor … Delicias de Bávaro is for Punta Cana, like what Barra Payán is for Santo Domingo.

If you visit us from abroad, as they say around there, take a village bath since you’ve come so far! Visit this delicious restaurant (which also offers its services for catering, by the way) and enjoy the constant parade of moto-conchos and even dare to visit one of the famous drinks in its surroundings after finishing a delicious dinner.

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