Spend a night like no other at Imagine night-club, better known as ´´The Cave´´.

Enjoy a mix of various music genres in an authentic ancient cave that has hosted the most exciting parties of Punta Cana. Composed by a trio of caves, you will be able to hop them all until you find the perfect spot for you and your friends.

Limitless drinks, colorful light-shows, entertainment, rains of color… All of this in one of the most peculiar venues of the zone. Definitely a must and a time to remember!

Imagine Cave is one of the main tourist attractions in Punta Cana, not only because of its renowed party nights and events, but also because of its beauty as a vast system of conectes caves, formed in a process that took thousands of years and served as acueducto natural underground. Today bate still live inside, with accompany us every night giving a very special and symbolic touch to the rooms.

How to get there?

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