Limón  Lagoon

The irony of this beautiful lagoon is that despite being the largest freshwater lake in the Caribbean, it is very little known by foreigners and locals alike.

Laguna Limón, like Laguna Redonda is part of a large Nature Reserve that houses hundreds of endemic fauna and flora species such as invertebrates, insects, tilapia, jicoteas, herons, gulls, pelicans, earwigs, mangroves, ferns, rice fields, grasslands, fragrant flowers, and many others.

Sleeping just south of Samaná Bay, on the outskirts of Miches, this lagoon has been gaining recognition in recent years because of the famous swings and flying brooms of Montaña Redonda.

Once there, activities such as: kayaking, boat rides and speedboats can be performed.

It is the perfect place for nature lovers who enjoy a fun walk to observe species of flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

We know that a two-hour trip from downtown Punta Cana sounds crazy, but believe me: it will be worth visiting! And if you have already decided to go as far as local, we recommend you go up to Montaña Redonda, see Playa Limón or Playa Esmeralda, visit the picturesque village of Miches and taste a delicious typical food. Total, it’s on the way!

How to get there?

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