Laguna Redonda

Unlike Laguna Limón, a freshwater lake in the Dominican Republic, Laguna Redonda is composed of salty and coastal waters of the beautiful Esmeralda Beach.

As part of the Nature Reserve of the community of Montaña Redonda, Laguna Redonda, as well as Laguna Limón, hosts hundreds of species of flora and fauna such as catfish, sea bass, jicoteas, tilapia, crabs, crustaceans, gallaretas, herons, ducks, red mangroves, javelins, coconut trees, rice fields and many other species.

Located at the foot of Montaña Redonda, this lagoon is the ideal place for fishing lovers who want to practice this activity as well as enjoying one of the most authentic and beautiful virgin landscapes in the area.

Famous because of the swings and flying brooms of Montaña Redonda, which have become viral in recent years, Laguna Redonda has gradually become a MUST of destiny.

Once in the area, do not miss the opportunity to climb up to Montaña Redonda to rock on its typical swings and photograph yourself flying on wooden brooms, visit Playa Limón and enjoy a fun ride, know Playa Esmeralda and the colorful town of Miches and delight your palate with a typical Dominican food.

How to get there?

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