Montaña Redonda

In a picturesque little town just 2 hours from Punta Cana, Montaña Redonda rests, a natural resource that has become viral in recent years because of some fun swings that seem to rock toward the abyss, getting the most original photos of your trip to Punta Cana .

Tourists usually arrive at Montaña Redonda through Tour Operators, who have this stop as part of one of their tours. The locals, however, will arrive directly in their own cars to the foot of this mountain, where they will rest and climb to the top of one of the mountain trucks, paying a fee of some RD $ 100 or RD $ 150 per person.

If you are an adventurer, take a 4×4 to the top! You will not regret!

In addition to these fun swings, on top of the mountain they also have some typical brooms with which you can photograph yourself flying like a witch, with the landscapes of Laguna Limón and Laguna Redonda in the background.

Something that very few know is that apart from these photographs, in Mountain you can taste some delicious typical lunches, buy some handmade souvenirs in the Gift Shop and even carry out CAMPING at night.

If you have already gone so far, do not miss the opportunity to reach the small town of Miches, where you can learn about how the locals of this community live. Visit Laguna Limón or Laguna Redonda and enjoy a fun ride by speedboat or kayak. Go to Limón Beach and cool off with delicious coconut water after an exciting ride.

How to get there?

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