Did you know that more than 6 million people visit the country of Dominican Republic every year and that this digit continues to increase, being Punta Cana the main tourist destination of this side of the island?

The curious thing is that most tourists who stay at this destination, have NO idea of what is happening in their surroundings!

They come mainly to stay at an All Inclusive, to enjoy the ‘‘all day sun light’’, the white-sand beaches and the unlimited delicious dishes and refreshing drinks.

They don’t know yet that there is another world right across the secured gates of their premium property.

A world filled with typical and exclusive restaurants, gourmet cuisine, golf courses designed by the most prestigious designers in the world, amusement parks and exclusive shopping centers, marinas, bars, nightclubs, international artists shows… and so much more!

We are here to show you the hidden face of Punta Cana: a mix of sun, beaches, palm trees, Victorian houses, sugarcane fields, an honest smile and the smell of strong coffee.

It’s a pleasure to meet you: I AM PUNTA CANA