isla saona

Saona Island

Like the Tour Eiffel of France and the Statue of Liberty of the United States, Saona Island has become through time one of the iconic tours of the Dominican Republic.

So iconic is that more than 500 thousand people visit it annually and it has even been selected as one of the Best Dream Beaches of the Caribbean by the magazine Caribbean Travel & Life.

And no wonder, because this beautiful island of 110 km² declared as an Ecological Reserve of the Dominican Republic and located in the southeast of the country, part of the National Park of the East, has beautiful coral reefs, interesting archaeological sites, crystalline and beautiful natural pools around and beautiful views of beach and coconut trees.

What very few know about this famous island is that a large part of its land is occupied by the Military Navy, while the other part is inhabited by locals who live as distanced from the entire republic, composing a community of some 500 people.

Among the fauna and flora that make up this island, we can mention the mangroves, the loggerhead turtle, the hawksbill turtle, the green turtle, seagulls, waders, green parrots, rhinoceros iguanas, manatees, dolphins, bats, etc …

The walks to the paradisiacal Isla Saona are usually composed of one road in a speedboat and another in a catamaran. There are several stops where you can snorkel or just relax in the low, crystalline waters of the natural pool, commonly populated by orange starfish.

One of the most exciting parts of this trip is the stop of the island itself, where you usually taste a typical and delicious Dominican lunch in the shade of green palms and cane roofs.

Once on the island, you can dance to the Dominican son, you can play some sand sports such as volleyball, football, and rest in front of a picture postcard, consisting of Sun, Beach and Sand.

How to get there?

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